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Casting: pianist for Meryl Streep and giant for Spielberg

Image According to the news portal Deadline , Simon Helberg has joined Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant in the film " Florence Foster Jenkins ". The director's chair of the project was taken by Stephen Frears (Philomena).

The story is based on true events and tellsabout a wealthy woman ( Streep ) who belongs to the New York elite. Thanks to her connections and money, the main character realized her dream of becoming a singer. But nature has not endowed her with either voice or hearing, and viewers often sneakily ridicule her performances.

Helberg will play a pianist named Cosme , a newcomer to the aristocratic world, who will accompany the heroine. Hugh Grant will embody on the screen the image of the butler and part-time best friend of the singer, who by hook or by crook hides from her the fact that the meow of cats is even more pleasant than her singing.


Helberg became famous for his role in the sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" ( The Big Bang Theory ), and recently the actor could be seen in the comedy "We Can't See Paris Like Our Ears." where he joined Melanie Lynskey and Zachary Quinto.

Bill Hader has a role in Steven Spielberg's upcoming film The Good and Big Giant . In the story of the adventures of a little girl, a giant and the Queen of England, who are forced to fight with cruel giants, the actor will play just one of these evil creatures. The adaptation of Roald Dahl's children's book was done by Melissa Matheson, and the main roles in the adaptation will be played by Mark Rylance and Ruby Barnhill.


Hadera 's track record includes such comedies as "They Came Together" and "Who to Sleep With? !!", and soon the actor can be seen with Amy Schumer in the movie "Loser".

It also became known that the model Victoria's Secret Alessandra Ambrosio will take part in the filming of the sequel " Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ". She will play herself in the blockbuster and will be introduced to the audience as Verne (Will Arnett). Dave Green is in the director's chair of the project, scripted by Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec.


The second film of the rebooted franchise will become a full-fledged film debut for the Brazilian model, since before that, Ambrosio had only occasional appearances in Casino Royale, as well as in the TV series Gossip Girl ( Gossip Girl ) and "Handsome" ( Entourage ).

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