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New ”Friday the 13th”: someone loses, someone finds

Image In October, Paramount Pictures moved the release date of the " Friday 13th " horror reboot from May 13, 2016 to January 13, 2017 of the year . Now the portal The Wrap reports that the invitation to rework the script was received by Aaron Guzikovsky ("The Captives"). At the same time, it became known that the director David Bruckner ("Z / L / O") decided to leave the project, although insiders do not deny the possibility of his return.

Bruckner was appointed director back in April 2014. Since then, the release date of the project has been postponed three times. The source reports that the production company Platinum Dunes considered it unfair to keep the filmmaker, forcing him to wait for the moment when a new script will be written. When the lyrics are ready, the producers intend to turn to Bruckner again.

Damien Shannon and Mark Swift, the writers behind the 2009 film Friday the 13th, were the first to work on the text for the remake. In parallel with them, Richard Naing and Ian B. Goldberg worked on their version. In March, Nick Antoska joined the project to write a completely new script. The film was supposed to unfold in the 80s, but now the studio intends to transfer the horror events to modern times.


Producers Michael Bay, Bradley Fuller and Andrew Form originally planned to make the film in a mock documentary format, but, having not finally decided on the plot, they dropped the idea. It is also not yet known whether Derek Mears, who played the maniac in the 2009 film, will return to the role of Jason Voorhees .


A few months ago we reported that The CW has launched a television version of the cult horror movie, but Platinum Dunes is not taking part in the project.

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