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Nicolas Cage Will Play Cruel Mind Games

Image The portal Variety shares information that Nicolas Cage will play one of the main roles in the thriller Exit 147 . Lenny Beckerman, Adrian Politovsky, Carl Richards, Jason Michael Berman and Katie Schulman will take over the production of the project.

The film, scripted by Travis Milloy,tells the stories of three different people whose lives were strangely intertwined as they became involved in violent mind games ... Cage got the role ofa police officer with a perverse sense of justice. Together with him, a woman who is trying to escape from her abusive spouse and a criminal arrested by the police officer will be involved in mind games. Work on the project began back in 2013, and at that time Taylor Kitsch was claiming the lead role.

“Such stories appear once every hundred years. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the great actor Nicolas Cage again. What I like about the new film is that it combines the gloom of the narrative and the witty humor ", - said the director of the project, Mike Figgis.


Figgis has already worked with Cage on the set of Leaving Las Vegas. For his role as an alcoholic Hollywood screenwriter, drinking to death in Las Vegas, the actor eventually won an Oscar and a Golden Globe .

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Author: Jake Pinkman