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DC will follow in the footsteps of Marvel

Image After the blockbuster " Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice " was crushed by critics and failed to meet the financial expectations of its creators, the management of the studio Warner Bros. decided to amend the plan construction of the cinematic universe DC .

If the film about the greatest heroes of the publishing house DC Comics in two months failed to reach $ 900 million at the worldwide box office, then Captain America: Civil War effortlessly crossed this mark in just a couple of weeks ... One of the generators of success for the eternal rival DC was Kevin Feige, under whose leadership the Marvel universe became the highest grossing franchise in history.

For a long time, the bosses WB and DC did not want to follow the example of competitors and introduce the position of the curator of their MCU. Because of this, director Zach Snyder was in charge of its development plan, who lost the credit of many comic book fans after the failure of “ Batman v Superman .


As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , WB is finally making a change and has announced the creation of a DC Films division with an Executive Vice President. John Berg Studios and DC Jeff Jones Creative Director. It is on their shoulders that they will be responsible for monitoring the development of individual film comics, as well as planning the overall course of development of the franchise. Jones has already successfully established himself in the work on the DC television universe: with his active participation, WB has created a whole line of successful series.


According to insiders, after critics accused " Batman v Superman " of being too dark and too pathos, studio executives asked Jones to rate a draft version of the upcoming blockbuster Squad suicides ". Jeff came up with some valuable ideas, after which the super villainous film was sent to the shooting, and the creative director of DC was invited to a leadership position in the new department of the major. Jones is also currently working with Ben Affleck on the script for the Batman solo album.


Last year, the management of WB had to go through a series of box office failures, in connection with which at the beginning of last month there were rumors that in the future the studio intends to reduce the volume of film production in order to concentrate on working with already hyped franchises. It seems that insiders were not far from the truth, because following the appointment of Berg and Jones as CEOs of DC Films , the Hollywood major decided to clearly delineate the responsibilities of his other high-ranking managers. So, Courtenay Valenti will oversee the universes of "Lego" and "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", Nija Kaikendall will take control of sci-fi projects and action films, and Jesse Erman will be entrusted with comedy and family films.

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