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Bee Gees biopic found a screenwriter

Image Studios DreamWorks and MGM have invited Richard Curtis to write a script for an as-yet unnamed project about the music group Bee Gees , as reported The Tracking Board .

The group was founded in 1958 by the brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. The team experienced two peaks of popularity - in the late 60s and late 70s. In 1969, the group disbanded, but soon reunited to the delight of the fans, at the same time changing the musical style. The biggest success of the Bee Gees came after they wrote the soundtrack for the drama Saturday Night Fever. Bee Gees and today remains one of the record holders in terms of the number of records sold - their number has already exceeded 220 million .

Biopic will tell about the life of the Gibb brothers, from the start of their careers in Australia and ending with gaining the status of a mega-popular group that has experienced both ups and downs. The source claims that the main theme of the musical drama will be the relationship between the brothers, which laid the foundation for the collective's worldwide success.


MGM head Gary Barber and Barry Gibb , one of the founders and members of Bee Gees , will be producing the project.

The filmography of Richard Curtis , the writer of the biopic, includes such famous romantic comedies as Love Actually and Boyfriend from the Future, which the filmmaker directed himself. Also Curtis is the screenwriter for Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and the TV series Mr. Bean.


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