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Bale and Isaac will argue over a woman

Image The Wrap shares exclusive information that Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac have starred in the drama The Promise * ( The Promise ), directed by Oscar-winning director Terry George (Hotel Rwanda). The film maker wrote the script for the upcoming film in collaboration with Robin Swicord (Memoirs of a Geisha).

Mike Medavoy, Ralph Winter and William Horberg are responsible for producing the project. Filming is scheduled to begin this fall.

The events of the film unfold during the fall of the Ottoman Empire, when the war of independence was in full swing in Turkey. The main characters are a talented medical student named Michael ( Isaac ), sophisticated Ana and Chris ( Bale ) is a well-known American journalist who lives in Paris. Michael is a man who respects tradition, and Chris , driven by a thirst for adventure, dreams of visiting the battlefield. But the guys have something in common - they are in love with the same girl ...


Christian Bale recently completed work on The Big Selling Short. Secret springs of financial disaster "and planned to start the film" Travis McGee ", but due to injury, the actor had to postpone filming in the film adaptation of the novel by John D. McDonald. Isaac , in turn, recently delighted viewers with his appearance in the films "The Cruellest Year" and "Out of the Car", and now Oscar tries on the image of the villain on the set of the blockbuster "X-Men : Apocalypse.


* -preliminary translation.

The Topic of Article: Bale and Isaac will argue over a woman.
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