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The Flash has no director

Image The blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continued to develop the DC cinematic universe. Suicide Squad will hit the screens this summer, and Wonder Woman and Justice League are already being filmed. However, Warner Bros. is facing a problem with the 2018 movie “ The Flash ”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , director Seth Graham-Smith has decided to leave the project due to creative differences with the major. It is not yet known if the departure of the filmmaker will affect the release of The Flash , set for March 16, 2018 .

Graham-Smith was selected to direct and write the blockbuster last October. What disagreements arose between the director and the leadership of Warner Bros. is unknown, but the source writes that the script of Graham-Smith will be used by the studio in future work.

Ezra Miller will play the title character of the film. By the way, he has already tried on the image of Barry Allen , having noted two cameos in Batman v Superman . Details of the plot of the solo album The Flash have not yet been disclosed.


Filming for the blockbuster should begin no earlier than next year, so the WB bosses have plenty of time to find a new steering project.

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Author: Jake Pinkman