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Official: King Kong and Godzilla will meet in 2020

Image Last month we announced that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are considering a crossover between the King Kong and Godzilla ". Legendary President Thomas Tall and WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara announced today that the famous movie monsters will meet on screen in 2020.

Viewers can consider Gareth Edwards' blockbuster " Godzilla " as the starting point of the new cinematic universe. The plot of the film featured the secret government organization " Monarch ", which could become a link between the new films in the franchise.

The audience warmly welcomed the return of Godzilla to the screens, - said Tall . -I'm delighted to announce that last year's film kicked off an epic MCU. As a big fan of Godzilla and King Kong , I have always dreamed of seeing them meet on screen. "


The next feature in the series will be King Kong: Skull Island, which will begin filming next week. The USA premiere of the film by Jordan Vogt-Roberts is scheduled for March 9, 2017 . June 7, 2018 Godzilla II will be released, with Gareth Edwards returning to directing. Finally, the release of the movie "Godzilla vs. King Kong" will take place in 2020.

Even before the deal with WB , Legendary bosses had acquired the rights to famous Godzilla characters such as Mothra , Rodan and King Ghidora . Insiders speculate that now these kaiju will be able to appear on the screens not only in the solo album of the Japanese mutant monster, but also in the upcoming crossover.


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Author: Jake Pinkman