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Sherlock Holmes is ready to take on a new business

Image Despite the fact that Guy Ritchie's " Sherlock Holmes " dilogy has earned more than $ 1 billion at the worldwide box office, Warner Bros. is unable to launch in production of trikvel. Even before the premiere of Sherlock Holmes: A Play of Shadows, Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3) was appointed the scriptwriter for the third film in the franchise, but as a result, the work on the plot of the adventure detective dragged on for almost five years.

In an interview with ShortList Robert Downey Jr. finally delighted fans of the film series with good news about the fate of the project. “We are discussing the third“ Sherlock Holmes ”right at this moment, - the actor admitted. -If we could shoot it on Skype , we would have done it in a week. However, in our case we are talking about a large-scale project that requires preliminary preparation. I have a busy work schedule, but I look forward to returning to Holmes . Our whole company enjoyed the shooting of the first two films. I think we will try to launch the triquel this year”.


According to insiders, as part of the Captain America: Civil War promotions, Robert will visit the UK, where he will meet with Guy Ritchie . The director and the actor will have to discuss whether they can find the time to create Sherlock Holmes 3 this year. Today it became known that Downey Jr. has signed up to participate in the Spider-Man solo album, on which work should start this summer. At the end of the year, Robert may be on the set of the two-part blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War, which may mean that there may not be a window for the third " Sherlock Holmes" in his work schedule for 2017 b>".

Last year, producer Lionel Wigram announced that Jude Law will be returning to John Watson in the trickelle. It is rumored that Drew Pearce has also found a way to secure participation in the film Irene Adler played by Rachel McAdams.


Guy Ritchie is currently post-production of the fantasy Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur, and Robert Downey Jr. will be on screen early next month in the blockbuster Captain America: Civil War ".

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