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Casting: John Wick's Rival and Young Idealist

Image The Hollywood Reporter reports that Common has been cast in the sequel to " John Wick ".

The first film, we recall, was about a former hired killer who, after an attack by bandits, decided to return to the world of crime and prove to everyone that he should be reckoned with.

Keanu Reeves will return to the role of John Wick in the second part, and Common will play the main antagonist of the tape - the head of security of one of the most influential women of the underworld. Other details, as well as the plot of the sequel itself, are still kept secret. Chad Stahelski has been given the director's chair for the project and filming is scheduled to begin this week.


The list of the latest films Common includes the films "The Night Fugitive" and "Selma", and next year the actor and musician will appear in the blockbuster "Suicide Squad" and the third "Barber Shop".

In addition, in the sequel to John Wick , viewers will see a familiar hero: Winston , the owner of the hotel, whose doors are always open to killers, will return Ian McShane b>.


Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) and Ben Kingsley (The Isle of the Damned) were cast in the political thriller Backstabbing for Beginners ( "Treachery for Beginners" *), the filming of which was entrusted to the Danish director Peru Flew ("Waltz for Monica"). He also co-wrote with Daniel Pine the script for the film based on the memoirs of Michael Sussan.


Hutcherson got the role of a young idealist who got a dream job in the UN Oil for Food program. The guy ends up in post-war Iraq, where government agents arrange oil supplies in exchange for providing food to the population. Kingsley will play the boss of the protagonist - a man whom a newcomer to the world of politics can trust. But it soon turns out that secret agreements have long been concluded at the highest level.


Finally, Sofia Boutella ("Kingsman: The Secret Service") is in talks to join Charlize Theron and James McAvoy on the set of the spy thriller Coldest City ... The film was directed by David Leitch (a colleague of Stahelski in the first John Wick ), and the script was written by Kurt Johnstad, who adapted the graphic novel of the same name by Anthony Johnston. The film will focus on the murder of the secret agent MI6 , which took place shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall. To protect the entire administration, the main character ( Theron ) must find the list of British scouts that the deceased had before he falls into the hands of enemies. There is no information yet about who will play Boutella .

* -preliminary translation.

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