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Casting: new mummy and family showdown

Image Not so long ago, it was reported that Tom Cruise is in talks with the studio Universal about getting the lead role in the new version of " Mummies ". Now The Hollywood Reporter announces that Sofia Boutella is ready to play the title character (and here she will be a woman).

Alex Kurtzman (People Like Us) was invited to supervise the filming. The script was written by John Spates ("Prometheus"), but the details of the plot have not yet been disclosed. It is only known that the action of the picture will unfold in modern times.

Recall that the new "Mummy" is part of the cinematic universe of monsters, which is being built by Universal . The premiere of the tape is set for March 24, 2017 , and it will be the first in the planned line of projects.


Sofia Boutella last year appeared in the film "Kingsman: The Secret Service", after which her career took off quickly: the actress got a role in the triquel "Star Trek", as well as in the spy thriller "The Coldest City" .


Zoe Deutsch (Vampire Academy) has signed up to star in the romantic comedy Why Him? , opposite Brian Cranston and James Franco. The director's chair will be taken by John Hamberg ("Here Comes Polly"), who co-wrote the film with Ian Helfer. In the story, the head of the family ( Cranston ) decides to visit his daughter, who is in college. However, the weekend is darkened by the fact that the dad enters into a serious struggle for the attention of his daughter with her rich and arrogant boyfriend ( Franco ). Zoey Deutsch will play a girl who has become a bone of contention for two men.


Marisa Tomei ("The Wrestler"), Timothy Olyphant ("The Hitman"), Charlie Plummer ("Don't Disappear") and Mireille Inos ("World War Z") got roles in the drama Behold My Heart . Rebecca Lowman is working on the script for the film, and Joshua Leonard ("Lies") will lead the shooting. The film focuses on a mother ( Tomei ) and a son ( Plummer ), who recently experienced a tragedy. To come to their senses and continue to live on, the family is forced to move to a new place. Also in the cast of the drama you can see David Call, Emily Robinson, Nick Dodani and Sakina Jaffrey.

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