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UCP will revive Shakespeare's heroes

Image The Hollywood Reporter reports that Universal Cable Productions continues to add new projects to its list. Yesterday it became known that UCP has four series in development, of which three are based on Dark Horse comics. Now the company has announced the start of work on three more shows.

The first of the projects was named Kill Shakespeare . It will be an adaptation of the comic book of the same name by IDW Publishing . Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreary , authors of the graphic novel, presented in their work the gloomy world of Shakespeare. Many famous heroes can be found here: Hamlet , Juliet , Othello , Lady Macbeth , Iago . Evil confronts good, and each side has its own goal - either to kill or save a mysterious wizard named William Shakespeare. The authors themselves will adapt the plot of the comic.


In addition, UCP has launched a film adaptation of another comic. Warren Ellis and Gail Ann Heard , producer of the zombie drama The Walking Dead , will create a series based on Mexican graphic novels El Pantera , published in the 70s.

The crime drama is set in a fictional town near the Mexican-US border. When a young officer is appointed chief of the local police, he asks for one thing - to release from prison his friend, who was falsely charged. Upon release, a former prisoner and a police officer create the image of a fictional fighter for the truth, El Pantera , to purge the city of the mafia.


And finally, Syfy UCP will film a TV remake of the sci-fi thriller " Machine " for the channel.At the center of events is a talented computer scientist who creates the first artificial intelligence with consciousness to save his sick daughter. Things go awry, however, when the government steals the technology and instead of treating the wounded, uses it to produce a completely new weapon.The script for the series will be written by Caradog James , the director of the original film.


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