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Casting: McAvoy to Spies, Dawson to Batman

Image The Hollywood Reporter reports that James McAvoy has joined Charlize Theron in the adaptation of the comic book Coldest City .

The film is set in Berlin in 1989. Communism, and with it the Berlin Wall, is close to collapse, but before that happens, the secret agent MI6 must hand over to the leadership a list with information about the intelligence officers of both sides present in the city. When the British contact is killed and the list is lost, MI6 instructs its best agent Lauren Broughton ( Theron ) to find the list by all means, before than he will endanger the lives of British intelligence.

Filming for the spy thriller directed by David Leitch (John Wick) will begin in Budapest in November and then move to Berlin.


Rosario Dawson will voice Barbara Gordon ( Batgirl ) in an animated film tentatively titled Lego. The Movie: Batman "- spin-off" Lego. Film "with the favorite toy viewers Batman (Will Arnett).

Riding the wave of success Lego. Film "and the inevitability of a sequel, the studio Warner Bros. nevertheless gave priority to the solo film of Batman - the film directed by Chris McKay should appear on the screens already 10 February 2017 . The current cast, in addition to the aforementioned Arnett , includes Michael Cerau ( Robin ) and Zach Galifianakis ( Joker ).


Austin Stowell ("Spy Bridge") will play in the fantasy thriller Nacho Vigalondo Colossal . Anne Hathaway will star in the film, followed by Jason Sudeikis.

A New Yorker ( Hathaway ), who at one point lost her job and her fiance, decides to return to the quiet life of her native provincial town. At some point, she realizes that she is mentally connected with a giant lizard, mercilessly crushing Tokyo. The woman understands that she can influence the situation and must do everything possible to save the city from total collapse.


All that is known about the character of Stowell is that he is romantically involved with the main character. Filming on his own script, the director of "Time Loop" will begin next week in Vancouver.

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