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Dark Materials Trilogy Goes to TV

Image The management of the channel BBC One has decided to relocate the heroes of Philip Pullman's cult book trilogy " Dark Principles " to small screens. According to Variety , Bad Wolf and New Line Cinema will be working on the first eight episodes of the fantasy series commissioned by the British Broadcasting Corporation. br />
To date, Dark Principles have been translated into four dozen languages and have sold over seventeen million copies worldwide. In 2003, the trilogy took the honorable third place in the list of "200 best books according to BBC ".

The first part of the book series, " Northern Lights ", takes place in a world where science, magic and theology are closely intertwined, and each person has his own daemon - a piece of soul enclosed in the body of an animal.


In 2007, the novel " Northern Lights " formed the basis for the plot of Chris Weitz's blockbuster "Golden Compass", which became one of the most expensive projects in the history of the studio New Line Cinema . The film won the " Oscar " for the best visual effects, but barely managed to recoup the production budget of $ 180 million , which is why the management of the film company did not dare to move on with the sequel.


I'm happy to see my story being told in different formats, said Pullman . -Based on the trilogy, we have already created a radio show, a play, a film, an audiobook and a graphic novel. Now the television series will finally see the light of day. "

Pullman , Jane Tranter, Julie Gardner, Toby Emmerich, Carolyn Blackwood and Deborah Forte will be producing. Filming for " Dark Ones " will take place in Wales.

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