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Chris Pine to romance with Wonder Woman

Image The journalists of the portal The Wrap drew a line under the numerous rumors about the role of Chris Pine ("Star Trek") in the cinematic universe of DC .

In the past few months, some publications have sent the actor to the Green Lantern Corps, and others to Wonder Woman. As it became known to insiders, the latter were right: Pine will appear in the form of the beloved of the famous superheroine - Steve Trevor . However, official representatives of Warner Bros. are in no hurry to confirm this information.

In the original comics, Steve was introduced to readers as an intelligence officer who crashed on Paradise Island during World War II. The princess of the Amazons Diana , who then decided to go with Trevor to America, took care of the wounded. For the first time, viewers will meet the heroine Gal Gadot in the blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


According to rumors, Pine has already signed the contract, which will be designed for several MCU films at once. There is a possibility that the hero Chris can become a link between different characters in the franchise in the spirit of Nick Fury from the Marvel universe.


The USA premiere of Wonder Woman is scheduled for June 23, 2017 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman