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Michael Myers is looking for a new home

Image In early summer, Dimension Films announced the start of work on a new film in the Halloween film series, titled Halloween Returns . Director Marcus Dunstan (The Collector) was supposed to start filming the horror film in July, but not a word has been heard about the project over the past six months.

According to The Wrap , the information vacuum around the tape was caused by the fact that Dimension Films expired its agreement with Miramax . The bosses of the latter decided to close work on the project and find a new partner who could offer fresh ideas for rebooting the cult franchise. According to rumors, in the center of the plot of the film Dunston should have been the children of the victims of Michael Myers , who were to set off on the trail of the killer after he narrowly escaped the death penalty.

Over twenty years of cooperation, Miramax and Dimension Films have created such films about the famous movie lover as Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween: Twenty Years Later, Halloween: Raising the Dead ”,“ Halloween 2007 ”and“ Halloween 2 ”.


According to insiders, several Hollywood studios have already expressed their desire to become the new partner of Miramax . The post of producer of the film series will be retained by Malek Akkad, whose family stood at the origins of the creation of the original horror film by John Carpenter.

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