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Simon Pegg: ”Paramount Wants Less Star Trek” Star Trek 3

Image In an interview with Radio Times Simon Pegg , the performer of the role of Scotty , also invited to write the script for the Star Trek triquel, shared information on how Paramount studio sees its upcoming film. According to the actor, the bosses of the company insist on expanding the target audience of the film, making the film more understandable and attractive for an outside viewer who is unfamiliar with the world of Star Trek .

“The studio management had a script that didn't quite suit them,- Pegg comments on the situation. -I think they are afraid that the film will turn out to be too “start track” ". This is, apparently, a stone in the garden of Roberto Orsi, who participated in the creation of an early version of the text, and was also supposed to take the post of director of the third film.

The studio's decision to expand the boundaries of Star Trek Simon explains as follows:"The Avengers, which became the film adaptation of a rather narrowly focused comic book, which interested mainly fans, collected one and a half billion dollars. Star Trek: Retribution earned half a billion, which is still considered an impressive amount, but does not suit the studio management. In their opinion, the film could easily earn the missing billion in the international box office, but many viewers simply did not want to evaluate it in cinemas. ”.


The compromise between ardent fans, who know the original series by a tooth, and uninitiated viewers of Pegg , who is already finishing work on the final version of the script with Doug Jung, sees more genre diversity:“Western , a thriller or a robbery movie, and then populate it with Star Trekcharacters.

Interestingly, more recently, Simon promised that the new film would be in the spirit of the original series, but“with a reasonable adjustment for a slightly more enlightened viewer”. It looks like the authors will have to try hard to take into account the interests of loyal fans of the franchise in the script and at the same time not scare away those moviegoers who just want to relax and have fun.


However, Pegg and Jung don't have much time left to complete this mission: the Star Trek 3 scenario, which, according to preliminary information, received the subtitle Beyond (" Beyond "), should be ready by June. The sci-fi tape will be released on world screens on July 8, 2016 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman