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John Carpenter will return to the world of ”Halloween”

Image Last summer, fans of the cult Halloween franchise learned that Hollywood intends to return the famous maniac Michael Myers to the screens, but six months later, the Halloween Returns project was removed from the shelf. for breaking the contract between Dimension Films and Miramax . According to Deadline , the serial killer will nevertheless put on a mask and take up the knife again, as the management of Miramax managed to find a new partner in the person of Blumhouse Productions , who made a name for herself on such horror films as "The Paranormal Activity" and "Astral".

The good news for moviegoers does not end there: the new " Halloween " will be produced by the creator of the John Carpenter franchise. "Thirty-eight years after the original premiered, I will try to help make this the scariest movie of all sequels," said the horror legend.

Jason Bloom, the founder of Blumhouse Productions , and Malek Akkad, son of the financier Mustafa Akkad, who helped finance the very first " Halloween ".


Halloween ”is a key film of the genre, thanks to which every employee of our studio decided to try his hand at the world of scary movies, - noted Bloom . - John Carpenter and Malek Akkad hold a special place in the hearts of horror fans. We are delighted that Miramax has been able to assemble such a great team. All that remains is to find a suitable director, with whose assistance we can give the fans of “ Halloween ” the film they deserve”.


The original slasher was filmed for as little as $ 300k , but that didn't stop him from earning $ 47 million in the US alone. The last time John Carpenter took part in the fate of the film series was back in 1982, when he produced the triquel "Halloween 3: Season of the Witches." Since then, the franchise has experienced more downs than ups, but even the critically-smashed sequels have paid back their production costs. The global gross for all ten parts of " Halloween " is $ 366 million .

Earlier it was reported that in the center of the plot of the new film will be the children of the victims of Myers , who will set off on his trail when he narrowly escapes the death penalty. However, insiders are now suggesting that after breaking up with Dimension Films , Miramax bosses may completely redesign the plot. " Halloween " is expected to return to the big screen in 2017.


Rumors continue to circulate in Hollywood that " Halloween " could become a TV series. After the famous series of slashers "Scream" successfully took root on TV, the creators of a number of other popular horror movies were quick to take an example from the owners of the franchise about a killer in a ghost mask.

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