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Jeepers Creepers are back on the hunt

Image According to the journalists of Deadline , the Jeepers Creepers franchise lives on: Myriad Pictures has announced its readiness to fund the third film in the series.

Horror producers will also include Francis Ford Coppola, Kirk Shaw and Stan Spry. The filming will be directed according to his own script by Victor Salva, the director of the first two parts.

Recall that the films of the franchise tell about an ancient creature, nicknamed Jeepers Creepers , which every 23rd spring goes hunting and for 23 days kidnaps and kills people to take their organs and parts body. The source says the triquel will focus on the final days of this hunt as Sergeant Tubbs assembles a task force to capture Creepers .To the role of Tubbs Brandon Smith will return, and Creepers will be reimagined by Jonathan Breck.


The first two films of the franchise were able to gross $ 120 million worldwide. The start of filming for the triquel is scheduled for early 2016.

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Author: Jake Pinkman