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Star Wars 8 Rental Profits Announced


Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi was the most grossing movie project of 2017. According to Deadline, the painting provided Walt Disney with a net profit of $ 417 million.

The production budget is estimated at $ 200 million, another $ 185 million was spent on various types of advertising (print, posters, posters) and 66 million for video ads. Thus, two Walt Disney movies at once topped the rating of the most profitable in 2017: in second place was the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast", which brought in a profit of $ 414 million.

World box office of the eighth episode of "Star Wars" exceeded $ 1.33 billion, which made it one of the ten most successful movies in the history of cinema. Director Ryan Johnson will be directing the next Star Wars trilogy. Recall that in March 2018, the director caught some "USAs" in an attempt to influence the plot of "Star Wars 8." In particular, he argued that the "USAs" were trying to convince the creators of the episode not to kill one of the key characters in the new trilogy - General Hux, played by actor Donal Gleeson.

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Author: Jake Pinkman