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Mist of King will descend on TV

Image Journalists of the Collider edition share interesting information that another work by Stephen King is sent to small screens - the company Dimension Television has undertaken the adaptation of the story "Fog" .

Christian Thorpe has been appointed responsible for the television adaptation, with experience working on the Danish comedy drama Rita ( Rita ).

The Mist " Kinga was already gaining on-screen life in 2007, when Frank Darabont's feature film" Mist "was released, starring Thomas Jane, Marsha Gay Harden and Laurie Holden. The source claims that the writer gave the go-ahead for the series.


According to the official press release, the creators of the new show will use as a primary source not only the story of King , but also the painting of Darabont .According to the plot, after a severe thunderstorm, a seemingly harmless fog descends on the small town of Bridgeton. But it soon becomes clear that the haze brings with it boundless chaos - out of nowhere terrible monsters begin to appear, forcing the locals to engage in battle with supernatural forces and with each other.


“The drama and horror in Stephen King's story are all-encompassing, and it is television, in our opinion, that will allow it to fully reveal its potential. This story about human fears immediately caught our attention. ”- said Bob Weinstein of The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films .


Many TV series have already been shot based on the works of King , among which - "Under the Dome" ( Under the Dome ), "Bag of Bones" ( Bag of Bones ), "The Shining" ( The Shining ), "The Stand" ( The Stand ) and others. And in 2016, the online service Hulu plans to release a television adaptation of the novel "11/22/63".

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