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Casting: Ridley to the underworld, Watts to the hospital

Image Following the success of the blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Daisy Ridley plans to work with JJ Abrams again. As it became known to the site The Hollywood Reporter , the actress is in talks to get the lead role in the thriller Kolma , which is being produced by Abrams .

The film will be directed by Mariel Heller (Diary of a Teenage Girl), scripted by Megan Holly, and will be produced by Ram Bergman, David Lonner and Sherrill Clark in addition to Abrams .
The project is based on an Israeli television movie from 2003 entitled “All I Have”. According to the plot,the main character survives after a terrible car accident, but loses her lover in it. Over time, she recovers from the loss, gets married and has children. And after death in extreme old age, a woman gets a chance to choose - to return to the day of the tragedy, to live the life that was given to her, or to reunite with the love of her youth.

Currently Daisy Ridley is busy filming the eighth episode of Star Wars.


Naomi Watts (King Kong) will star in the new Netflix series, the psychological thriller Gypsy ( Gypsy "). At the moment, the online service plans to launch a ten-episode season, the script for which was written by Lisa Rubin. Sam Taylor-Johnson ("Fifty Shades of Gray") is filming the first two episodes.

The central heroine of the new show is the therapist Jean Holloway ( Watts ), who begins to get too close to the relatives of her patients. Such behavior is completely unacceptable in the work of a psychologist, and therefore Gene has to face many problems.


Jesse Williams (The Cabin in the Woods) and Nicole Behari ( Sleepy Hollow ) join the cast of the remake “ Jacob's Ladders ". The filming of the project was entrusted to David M. Rosenthal ("The Ideal Boyfriend"), and the main role was assigned to Michael Ealy. Jeff Buhler and Sarah Thorpe worked on the script for the film.

Although the thriller was originally positioned as a remake, the source says that other heroes will be at the center of the new project, but it will touch on the same topics as the original. Recall that Jacob's Ladder is about a Vietnam war veteran suffering from strange hallucinations and trying to figure out the details of his own past. There is no information yet about who will play Williams and Behari .

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