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Batman May Get Trilogy

Image Den of Geek journalists share curious rumors about the fate of the DC cinematic universe. A month ago, we announced that Batman will receive a solo film directed by Bruce Wayne - Ben Affleck . As it became known today, the leadership of the studio Warner Bros. is considering the possibility of creating an entire trilogy about the The Dark Knight .

According to insiders, the bosses of the film company recently watched the draft version of the blockbuster "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", which made such a strong impression on them that the ending credits were met with a standing ovation.

The studio executives were thrilled to play Affleck , deciding to make Batman a key figure in their MCU. It is rumored that WB is currently preparing a new contract, under which Ben will play as Gotham defender for the next ten years.


Indirect evidence of plans to build a trilogy about the The Dark Knight is the information that Affleck had to urgently change his work schedule. Studio WB has postponed the releases of two of his new projects at once: "Auditor" moved from January to October next year, and "Nightlife" moved to 2017. According to so far unconfirmed information, the film company has decided to change the release dates of these films in order to give Affleck the opportunity to complete work on the script for the first film of the trilogy about Batman , which he is writing together with creative by DC Director Jeff Jones.


The first appearance of Ben Affleck as the famous superhero will take place in the film " Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ", the USA premiere of which is scheduled for March 24, 2016 >.

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