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Luc Besson will travel through time

Image Director Luc Besson announced on Twitter that his next film will be an adaptation of the cult French sci-fi comic book Valerian and Laurelin .

The graphic novel by Pierre Christine and Jean-Claude Mezierewas set in the XXVIII century, when people discovered the possibility of traveling in space and time. The Earth becomes the center of a huge galactic empire, and its inhabitants prefer virtual reality to the real world. Two agents of the space-time service stand up to protect the utopian society from numerous threats - Valerian and Laurelin ...

The original comics have had a huge impact on the development of cinema. It is known that some scenes of the space saga "Star Wars" almost literally quoted the famous graphic novel. Valerian and Laurelin was inspired by Besson himself. The director brought in Jean-Claude Maiziere to work on The Fifth Element, whose illustrations helped him create scenes involving a flying taxi.


For the first time about the desire to transfer to the screens of the heroes of the comic book Luke spoke almost three years ago. According to Besson , the long-awaited filming of " Valerian " will start in December, and the sci-fi movie will be released in 2017. Dane DeHaan ("The Amazing Spider-Man: High Voltage") and Cara Delevingne ("Anna Karenina") received the leading roles in the film.


The film will be financed, produced and distributed by EuropaCorp .

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Author: Jake Pinkman