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Ben Affleck: Age Is Not a Hindrance to Batman

Image Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice promo materials make every effort to hint that Bruce Wayne Ben Affleck will be different from Batman his predecessors. However, when Affleck was just offered the role, the superhero fans were not happy. One of their arguments against the involvement of Affleck in the project was the age of the actor. However, as the journalists of the site JoBlo found out, the age of the Dark Knight is not a hindrance.

Here is what Ben told about the kind of Batman Zach Snyder had in mind for him: “He offered me the idea of an aged, beaten by life Bruce , in a sense, a loser. This Batman will go to great lengths to protect people. He has always been the protector of the city and its inhabitants, and now, in opposition to Superman , this feature of him will become especially noticeable. ”


Batman in the new blockbuster is about 45, that is, he has been in office for 20 years, and by this time he has already lost everyone who is dear to him. When Wayne learns of the existence of a potentially dangerous Superman , his conscience begins to gnaw. Zach Snyder , talking about this midlife crisis, noted: “ Batman has long been established as a person, and he also had a superhero career. Superman means for him a paradigm shift, a different philosophy of life: “All my life I have been fighting crime, trying to achieve justice, and now I am faced with something that is beyond my capabilities.” So if Superman is around, Batman won't care about any bank robberies

Snyder promised that " Batman v Superman " will help set the stage for the unification of all members of the Justice League : “The first thing we started with to work is the idea of Justice League . Let the entire DC cinematic universe become one big story, other films ("Wonder Woman", "Aquaman") will have to pick it up, because their heroes are in the League and eventually become one team.

Batman will begin to sort things out with Superman March 24, 2016 .

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