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Sony found the Dark Tower Arrow?

Image While some fans are in a hurry to dress up Idris Elba in a James Bond costume, the actor is eyeing the lead role in a completely different project - the adaptation of " The Dark Tower " based on the novels Stephen King. The portal Deadline reports about it.

In November, it was reported that Matthew McConaughey was offered the choice of the role of positive Roland Descan and negative Randall Flagg . According to the source, the actor leans more towards the villainous Flagg . Studio Sony considered Javier Bardem for the role of the main character, but still the leadership of the major prefers Elba .

The Dark Tower series of novels tells the story of Roland Desceine , aka Shooter , who sets out to find the Dark Tower. The film adaptation will be based on the first book in the series, which tells about the relationship of Roland with a little boy Jake , who came to our world from another time and space. Now director Nikolai Arsel ("The Royal Affair") is finalizing the script by Anders Thomas Jensen.


The Dark Tower was originally in development with Universal , which was intent on launching an entire trilogy of films. The studio also planned two mini-series based on the works of King . But later the project was recognized as too expensive, and Universal abandoned it. Sony acquired the film rights this April and is also planning to launch the series, which is curated by MRC .


Recently the drama Netflix Rootless Beasts, where Elba played one of the main roles, was released, and critics are already tipping the film a nomination for Oscar ... Next year, Idris will appear in the Star Trek triquel.

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