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Matt Damon: Batman Bourne Is No Rival

Image In an interview with reporters E! Online Matt Damon explained why he still hasn't signed up for some superhero blockbuster. The actor also answered the question of who would emerge victorious from the fight between Jason Bourne and Batman , played by his friend Ben Affleck two years ago.

The Bourne will kick the bullshit out of Batman , Damon said. -Have him deal with Superman first. If he can defeat Man of Steel , maybe he will have at least some chance against my hero. Before, I hadn't asked Ben to speak in the voice of Batman , but after this conversation I wanted to know how the Dark Knight would sound. " br />
Last year it was rumored in Hollywood that Damon was offered to portray Aquaman , but Jason Momoa ended up playing the role. “I'm afraid they're running out of superheroes, noted Matt . -Look, Ben will be the sixth or seventh player to play Batman . There are not many free spaces left in the comic book adaptations, but I am not upset about this. I consider Jason Bourne a superhero.


Damon will appear as The Bourne for the fourth time in the unnamed film by Paul Greengrass, which is slated to world premiere on July 29, 2016 .

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