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Casting: Juliette Binoche to China, Courtney Love to Hutcherson

Image Juliette Binoche ("The English Patient") has signed on to star in the biographical drama about Pearl S. Buck, an American writer who spent most of her life in China and won the Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes for her writing. Biopic, dubbed Pearl , tells about the life and milestones of a woman's career, whose best novel is considered the bestseller "Earth" - a story about the attempt of one poor peasant family to break out into the people and create a kind of family dynasty.

Roxana Messina Keptor ("Pure Murder") has been working on the script for the film since 2009; she also plans to lead the shooting. The biopic was financed by the Chinese company China Film Group , filming will take place in Zhejiang province and Prague.

In addition to "The English Patient", Binoche is known to viewers for her roles in films such as "Three Colors: Blue", "Love Story" and "Lovers from a New Bridge", and recently this French actress could be seen in the films Camille Claudel, 1915 and Sils Maria.


It also became known about a double replenishment in the new project of the restless James Franco - the thriller The Long Home . Josh Hutcherson recently got the lead role in this film, and now Courtney Love and Timothy Hutton have joined him. Based on the work of the same name by William Gay, the film is set in the 40s in Tennessee. A young carpenter ( Hutcherson ), who lost his father ten years ago, is hired to build a bar. However, soon the protagonist realizes that his employer may be involved in the death of the pope. In addition, the carpenter falls in love with his master's daughter. Who will play Courtney and Timothy has not been announced.


Hutton is known to TV fans for the crime drama Leverage ( Leverage ), and this year he can be seen on the new TV show of the channel ABC American Crime. The rock star Courtney Love also occasionally guest on various television projects such as Sons of Anarchy by FX and Empire by Fox .

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