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Bad Santa 2 goes to work

Image As it became known to journalists Collider , the studio Miramax and the company Broad Green Pictures have begun work on the long-awaited sequel to the comedy " Bad Santa >".

In 2003, Terry Zwigoff's film earned more than $ 76 million at the worldwide box office on a budget of $ 23 million . It was originally planned that the charming villain Willie Stokes played by Billy Bob Thornton will return to the screens in 2011, but due to problems with the script, the filming of the sequel was postponed several times. It looks like the creators of the second part have finally managed to bring the text to mind. According to the official press release, work on the painting will start in January 2016 in Montreal.

Watching“ Bad Santa ”has already become part of the New Year's tradition, noted the founders of Broad Green Pictures Gabriel and Daniel Hammond. -We are ready to tell a new chapter in the story of the cult hero.


The film will be produced by Geyer Kosinski, who is familiar with Thornton while working on the TV series Fargo ( Fargo ). Only the situation with the sequel director remains unclear. In May 2013, Dag Ellin (Entourage) was entrusted with this post, but his name is not mentioned in the current press release.


Bad Santa will return to screens next winter.

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