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Animation projects will be added to the Final Fantasy universe

Image This fall, the fifteenth installment of the popular Final Fantasy game series will go on sale. According to IGN , in addition to the video game, Square Enix has decided to create an anime series and a full-length cartoon.

Final Fantasy XV takes place in the kingdom of Lucis, where the world's last magic crystal is kept in its capital. For many years, the army of King Regis has fought fierce battles with the insidious empire of Niflheim. And one day the ruler of Lucis receives an ultimatum demanding to give up part of his lands and marry his son and the captive of Niflheim - Princess Lunafreya ...

The anime series Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is reportedly set to act as a prequel to the game. The five-part project of Square Enix and the animation studio A-1 Pictures will be distributed free of charge so that gamers can get acquainted with the main character of the game - Prince Noctis in advance.


The franchise hosts will also join forces with Sony Pictures Entertainment to create a full-length cartoon Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV featuring the head of the Royal Guard Nyx Ulric . The latest advances in computer animation will be used in the work on the tape, and such movie and television stars as Sean Bean, Lena Headey and Aaron Paul will be involved in its voice acting.


Based on the game franchise Final Fantasy , several animation projects have already been created, the most famous of which is the cartoon "Final Fantasy". Despite the fact that the project Hironobu Sakaguchi went down in the history of cinema as the first full-length film, which was entirely created using photorealistic computer animation, it not only did not gain much success from critics, but also a deafening flop at the box office.


This time, Square Enix bosses are not going to release Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV to the big screens, but expect to send the cartoon straight to online services.

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Author: Jake Pinkman