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Has Star Wars Episode 9 Found a Director?

Image Heroic Hollywood shares rumors that Disney and Lucasfilm will entrust work on Episode 9 of the space saga Star Wars >" Colin Trevrow . According to insiders, the director's appointment may be officially announced at Comic-Con in the next few hours.

On December 17, the heroes of the cult film series return to the screens in the film "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", directed by JJ Abrams. In June last year, it became known that Ryan Johnson would direct the eighth film in the franchise.

The names of the directors of the two spin-offs of the saga are also known to date: Gareth Edwards will direct the movie Star Wars: Rogue, and Phil Lord and Chris Miller will talk about the adventures of the young Han Salo .

Reportedly, Trevrow was considered one of the contenders for the director's chair for the seventh episode.


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