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Sacha Baron Cohen sang with Queen again?

Image Almost two years ago it became known that Sacha Baron Cohen refused to shoot in biopic Freddie Mercury due to disagreements with the members of the group Queen . After that, who just didn’t read a role in the film - among the applicants were Daniel Radcliffe, Dominic Cooper, Ben Whishaw.

However, the portal The Daily Mail reports that work on the long-awaited biopic has finally gotten off the ground. Queen Manager Jim Beach and the entire team hit it off with Cohen . The actor will not only play the main role in the film, but also act as a screenwriter, producer and director of the project.


“Interest in the biopic Freddie Mercury , which has been under development for seven years, has grown lately. We were able to convince Sasha to return to work on the film: write the script, and then lead the shooting and play Freddie ", - commented on the news Jim Beach . At the same time, Brian May, guitarist of Queen , did not confirm this information.

Initially, it was reported that the disagreement between the musicians and the actor was due to the fact that Cohen wanted to tell the unadorned life story of Mercury . His bandmates, on the other hand, envisioned the film in calmer, more friendly tones. It has not yet been reported what consensus the parties have come to.


The biopic, slated for release in 2017, will be Cohen's directorial debut.

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Author: Jake Pinkman