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Chris Morgan: Time for the Monsters to Come Out of the Shadows

Image Universal Pictures is one of the few Hollywood studios that doesn't have a superhero franchise in the works. Instead of acquiring the rights to adapt a popular comic book and use it as the basis for a film series, the company's management decided to revive the cult monster films. A little over a year ago it became known that Universal is starting to build an entire horror universe. Variety managed to get some details about work on such an ambitious project.

Thus, the head of Universal Donna Langley has confirmed that all the films in the franchise will be linked, and now the studio is in search of the ideal model of the coming universe. The major's goal is to release one film a year, the first of which will be a remake of "The Mummy" with director Alex Kurtzman at the head. This picture should be followed by new versions of "Dracula", "Van Helsing", "Frankenstein" and "The Wolf Man.

According to Chris Morgan , who oversees projects with Kurtzman , the heroes of new films will face problems of self-perception and understanding of their own place in the world.


To develop the universe, Kurtzman and Morgan put together a team of talented screenwriters, which included Noah Hawley, Aaron Guzikovsky, Ed Solomon and Jay Basu, each of whom is responsible for a specific film. Recently, Eric Heisserer and John Speits have joined the writing group to begin work on the lyrics for the Van Helsing reboot.


Shortly before the release of the 2014 fantasy drama Dracula, Universal announced that the movie should be the beginning of a universe of monsters. Actually, for this reason, at the end of the tape, you can see Dracula performed by Luke Evans, who got into the modern world. According to the plans of the producers, this scene is the prologue of the new franchise. True, it is not yet known whether the actor will return to the role of the great and terrible count, and how his hero will fit into the series.


Also, Morgan added that moviegoers probably want a break from the superhero genre that has flooded the screens.“Most of the heroes are perfect, but viewers are unlikely to ever find out what it's like to be the strongest, smartest or fastest person in the world. And everyone has a dark side, and everyone would like to turn this curse into a source of power. The monsters have been in the shadows for a long time, now it's time for them to come out into the light ", - said the producer.

Filming for "The Mummies" should start in a few months, but at the moment there is no information about who will play in the film, or what project will follow.

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