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Casting: Lennox Returns and Life After the Zombies

Image Recently, the creators of the fifth "Transformers" announced that the blockbuster was named Transformers: The Last Knight ( "Transformers: The Last Knight" *), and Today Mark Wahlberg tweeted that Josh Duhamel is returning to the Autobot universe.

The actor appeared as William Lennox in the first three films of the franchise and will now accompany Cade Yeager played by Wahlberg , as well as new characters, played by Isabella Moner and Jerrod Carmichael.

Filming for the blockbuster directed by Michael Bay will begin next month, but the details of the plot are still kept secret. However, the filmmaker promised in his interviews that new Transformers will be presented to viewers.


Ellen Page ("Inception") stars in the thriller The Third Wave ( The Third Wave *), which will be directorial debut for David Frain.The events of the tape will unfold after the virus that turned people into zombies was successfully cured. But many of those who were once infected have become outcasts of society and even their own families. Social unrest reaches such proportions that the government is forced to intervene.

Paige will be accompanied by Sam Keely on set, and the film itself has already earned comparisons to the British TV series In the Flesh ( In the Flesh ).


Actor and screenwriter for Ike Barinholz (Neighbors. On the Warpath) has signed up to star in the yet untitled comedy starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn. The filmmakers are in no hurry to share details, but it is known that the center of events will be a mother and daughter who get into trouble during their vacation. Barinholz will play the brother of the heroine Sumer . Jonathan Levine (The Warmth of Our Bodies) will be in the director's chair.

* -preliminary translation.

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