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Anne Hathaway will cause a global catastrophe

Image As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , Anne Hathaway will star in Colossal , directed and written by Nacho Vigalondo (Time Loop). Naikari Ipinya will take over the production.

The creators of the project themselves describe it as a combination of "Godzilla" and "Lost in Translation". Hathaway got the role of Gloria - an ordinary woman who, having lost her job and her beloved groom, decides to leave New York to return to her native land. But when news appears that a huge lizard is raging in Tokyo, destroying the city, the heroine begins to realize that by the power of her mind she is strangely connected with terrible events taking place thousands of kilometers away. To stop the impending catastrophe, Gloria will have to find out why the very existence of such a mediocre woman like her causes irreversible consequences for all of humanity.

Colossal is my most ambitious scenario at the moment, with a lot of personal investment in it. I am incredibly happy to have the opportunity to work with Anne and the entire talented project team ”, - admitted Vigalondo .


In the fall, Nancy Myers' comedy "The Trainee", starring Hathaway and Robert De Niro, will be released, and not so long ago, the actress completed shooting in the movie "Alice Through the Looking Glass".

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