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USAn Box Office: Angry Birds Defeated Superheroes

Image For a short time, Marvel superheroes feasted at the top of the USA box office: already last weekend Steve Rogers , Tony Stark and their associates were forced to give up the first line to the evil rivals - the cartoon " Angry Birds in Cinema ".

The latter started at the box office with the amount of 375.2 million rubles. , yielding only to Zootopia in this indicator, if we take into account all the animated films of 2016. Kung Fu Panda 3 ( 372 million rubles ) and Puzzle ( 364 million rubles ) had similar results.

Angry Birds is a computer game in which the whole point boils down to the fact that pigs have stolen eggs from birds, and therefore they need to be taught a lesson. The creators of the film adaptation had to work hard to put such an unpretentious plot into the basis of the whole film. However, according to critics, Rovio and Sony have done the impossible.


Among the merits of Clay Katis and Fergal Reilly , the reviewers highlighted excellent animation, which is a cut above anything shown in previous projects of Sony , and unexpectedly revealed morality. Also, the cartoon found a place for a huge number of jokes and gags, designed not only for children, but also for an older audience.


" Confrontation " last weekend had to settle for only second place. It is noteworthy that the superheroes Marvel lost quite a lot to the evil birds. So, the blockbuster in the second week of distribution grossed 172.5 million rubles. , and its viewership collapsed by 72% at once. Now Cap and Stark have won for themselves 976.1 million rubles. , and distributors say with confidence that in USA the film is brothers Russo will not be able to come close to the final results of the first and second "Avengers", as well as "Iron Man 3". A new benchmark for "Citizens" is the achievements of the sequel "Torah", which completed domestic distribution with the amount of RUB 1.165 billion.

In the next film of the cinematic universe Marvel , critics saw what the film "Batman v Superman" could not offer them - the heat of passion, ending with an epic and long battle. The set also includes unexpected turns of events, colorful action and witty humor, which makes Confrontation in the eyes of viewers one of the best movie comics of our time.


The domestic film " Crew ", which earned an additional 60 million rubles. In total, in four weeks the film Nikolai Lebedev has 1.387 billion rubles. , and this is the third result in USA among new products this year. Only "Zootopia" and "Deadpool" collected more, and if we talk about domestic projects in the entire history of rental in the CIS, then "Crew" is second only to "Stalingrad".


The fourth position in the top 5 was taken by the debutant of the week - the French romantic comedy " Love is not in size ". The film Laurent Tirard forced USA viewers to fork out for 16.8 million rubles. The main role in the film was played by Jean Dujardin, and many words of praise have already been expressed in his address. In each project, the actor manages to reveal new facets of his talent, and in "Love is not in size" he had to play the small and daring Alexander , who finds it difficult to live because of his small stature. Despite the fact that the tape Tirara is positioned as a comedy, there was a place in it for a more serious message. The director makes the viewer think about why, in an age of universal tolerance, the dwarf is not perceived by others as an equal.


Another newcomer to the box office closed the top five - the comedy drama " Hologram for the King ". In the first weekend, the film Tom Tykwer mastered a modest amount of 13.4 million rubles. The tape about a man experiencing a midlife crisis turned out to be good because Tom Hanks played the main role in it ... For the rest, critics found the picture rather strange - the beginning of Tykver turned out to be funny, and the ending was too politicized.

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