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The mystic changes views

Image A year ago, Jennifer Lawrence announced to reporters that she would say goodbye to her role as Mystic in X-Men: Apocalypse . If the famous comic book heroine became famous for her ability to take the appearance of other people, then it is not difficult for an Oscar-winning actress to change her own point of view. In a new interview, Empire Lawrence unexpectedly confessed that she changed her mind about parting with the image of the mutant Raven Darkholme .

I really want to return to this role in new films about X-Men , - said the actress. -I love these tapes and always enjoy filming them. I like ensemble paintings, because in them the burden of responsibility never falls on the shoulders of one person. ”

Lawrence first appeared as Mystic in the blockbuster X-Men: First Class. Apocalypse is expected to bring to a logical conclusion the storylines that began five years ago in Matthew Vaughan's film. According to insiders, after the completion of the second trilogy about X-Men , the contracts of Jennifer Lawrence , Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult and other actors will expire, however many stars of the franchise would like continue his collaboration with 20th Century Fox .


Studio officials have yet to say if they plan to renew agreements with the " First Class " cast. Fox is working on the X-Men: New Mutants spin-off and Wolverine, Gambit and Deadpool solo albums, but still hasn't disclosed plans for further development of the main film series.


The USA premiere of the film " X-Men: Apocalypse " will take place on May 19 .

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