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Don't play with DNA!

Image New Regency and See-Saw Films have begun collaborating on a sci-fi thriller N based on the short film by Javier Gulion (Aftermath), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The plot of the thriller is based on the trip of a small group of journalists to a remote island in order to capture a scientific discovery in the field of DNA, which could very well change the course of human history. They have to face an experiment, the consequences of which threaten the entire human race. One of the journalists, trying to survive, is changing the future.

See-Saw Films and New Regency have previously worked together on Steve McQueen's Widows. The winners of the Oscar for The King's Speech have been appointed as the producers of the future thriller. Ein Canning and Emil Sherman will also be joined by Peter Dilbert (Aftermath) of Pacific View Management and Oscar-nominated Arnon Milchen (Los Angeles Secrets) from New Regency, which will fund the filming. The adaptation of the short film to full length will be done by Gulion himself.

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Author: Jake Pinkman