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Will Pinky and Brain take over the animation world again?

Image Today, the world's leading channels and online services produce not only a lot of original content, but also very successfully return the heroes of popular TV series of the past to the small screens. Only in the last couple of years, fans of the wizarding world of television have visited the mysterious town of Twin Peaks, got lost in space with the Robinson family, set off on a chilling adventure in the company of the young witch Sabrina and again met the rich Scrooge McDuck and his naughty nephews. As it became known to the Indiewire edition, after the characters of "Duck Tales" the heroes of another famous animated series may return to the TV screens.

These days, Los Angeles hosts the Vulture festival, organized by the eponymous magazine about the film, television and entertainment industry. Voice actors of famous animation shows took part in one of the forum discussion panels. Among them were Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche, who gave votes to the legendary Pinky and Brain. During a conversation with festival visitors, the actors unexpectedly hinted at the revival of the animated series about two laboratory mice making incredible plans to take over the world.


Paulsen and LaMarche did not go into the details of the project, and therefore their words may turn out to be just an ordinary joke. That said, the idea of making a sequel or reboot of Pinky and the Brain doesn't seem all that crazy. Last spring, Steven Spielberg's company Amblin Entertainment announced the start of work on an updated version of the animated series "Naughty Animations". It was in this show that the screen debut of the genius Brain and his close-minded henchman Pinky took place. The audience liked the funny cartoon characters so much that soon Amblin and Warner Bros. Animation dedicated a separate series to them. The Pinky and the Brain show has delighted audiences for four years and won several prestigious awards, including an Emmy for Best Animated Program for the 1995-1996 Television Season.


Earlier this year, it became known that "Mischievous Animation" found shelter on the online service Hulu and will return to television screens in 2020. It is possible that now Spielberg's company has decided to take on the creation of a new version of Pinky and Brain.

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