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WB will reload Suicide Squad

Image The excellent performance of the blockbuster "Aquaman" at the box office gave hope that things in the DC cinematic universe are finally getting better. It is all the more surprising that the producers of the superhero franchise began to do everything to expose their offspring in the most unfavorable light.

A couple of days ago, producer Charles Rowen stunned the audience with the statement that the film "Wonder Woman: 1984" would be a completely autonomous project. Apparently, Warner Bros. will not associate this comic strip not only with the rest of the films of the franchise, but also with the first tape about the adventures of Princess Diana, released in 2017.

Now, studio representatives have hinted that they have finally given up trying to build a unified universe in the spirit of the Marvel superhero franchise. Producer Peter Safran made it clear that the WB will pretend that it has never filmed the critically-smashed Suicide Squad.


In 2017, the studio announced a second film about their famous supervillain team. A few months ago, James Gunn, creator of the Guardians of the Galaxy, was appointed director. “Don't call this comic book Suicide Squad 2 because this is a complete reboot of the franchise,, Safran told Joblo. -Gunn's painting is simply called Suicide Squad. The audience should look forward to it, because James promises to create an incredible spectacle”.

Initially, it was assumed that Gann was preparing a light reboot of the film series. He is going to introduce several new characters into the narrative, as well as replace the performer of the role of Deadshot from Will Smith with Idris Elba. At the same time, insiders claim that Harley Quinn will also be involved in the plot of the picture. Margot Robbie must return to the image of the extravagant villain, so it's not clear how we can talk about a complete, rather than a partial reboot.


According to preliminary information, the shooting of the film will begin this fall. The USA premiere of the new Suicide Squad is scheduled for August 5, 2021.

Source: Joblo

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