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Is Astral 5 just around the corner?

Image Last year, horror movies emptied the wallets of moviegoers quite well: not only original ideas like Split and Get Out were successful, but also the same Saw 8, which proved that the Constructor business is still alive. This year the fourth "Astral" continued the glorious tradition, unexpectedly becoming the highest-grossing film in the entire franchise.

The Last Key currently boasts of raising $ 164 million on a $ 10 million budget. The previous maximum for the film series was set by the second part, which earned at one time $ 162 million. Triquel with its $ 113 million yielded to it very noticeably, and it seemed that the audience had lost interest in Astral. However, now that Astral 4 has set a new record for the franchise, there is a logical question about a sequel, and Bloody Disgusting shares rumors that a fifth film is already in development.

The source says that the next part, like the two previous ones, will be a prequel and will reveal new details of the story of parapsychologist Alice Reiner, whose role in all four films was played by Lin Shai.


So far, Blumhouse Productions has not confirmed these rumors, but in January, producer Jason Bloom hinted in an interview about a possible crossover of the studio's two successful franchises - Astral and Sinister. It is possible that Alice's brother and her nieces will reappear in the fifth part, especially since Imogen (Caitlin Gerard), as it turned out, has the same ability to contact the world of the supernatural, as her aunt.

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Author: Jake Pinkman