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Play like Brando

Image Billy Zane has had more downs than ups in recent years. As it became known to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor decided to restore his shaky reputation as one of the greatest stars in Hollywood history. Zane will play the great and terrible Marlon Brando in the independent drama Waltzing with Brando.

The plot of the picture will be based on the book of the same name by Bernard Judge, in which a Los Angeles architect talked about how Brando asked him to build a luxury recreation center on the island of Tetiaroa. Marlon first visited this picturesque atoll in 1960 during the filming of Riot on the Bounty.

The Oscar-bearer was so delighted with the paradise that he contacted the heirs of its discoverer. In 1965, Brando successfully closed the deal to acquire the island. He organized a small settlement on Tetiaroa so that he could escape from the usual Hollywood routine at any time.


The adaptation of Judge's book will be done by Bill Fishman (Reel). He will also lead the film crew of the biographical drama.

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