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There is hope. Goldfinch Trailer

Image Published in 2013, The Goldfinch won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize and many other literary awards for the writer Donna Tartt. Therefore, Hollywood producers could not pass by the work, which was on the list of bestsellers according to The New York Times for several tens of weeks, and this fall viewers will see the film, which the journalists put in advance on the list of potential candidates for the main film awards.

Theodore Dekker miraculously survived a terrorist attack in a New York museum that took the life of his mother, and a rare painting that he took with him serves as a reminder of that tragedy. Fate turned out to be merciless to the young Theodore: first, he went to Las Vegas to his unlucky father, and then changed several more foster families. The very picture drew him to the bottom, but it was she who could become a ray of light that will help Theodore get out of the abyss of drugs and fraud with works of art ...

John Crowley (Brooklyn) has undertaken to adapt the weighty volume of The Goldfinch, which is set in two time periods. The film follows Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins after Blade Runner 2049. Ansel Elgort played the main role in the film, and together with him, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Paulson, Anairin Barnard, Finn Wolfard, Jeffrey Wright, Luke Wilson and many others will appear on the screens.

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The USA premiere of The Goldfinch will take place on 12 September.

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