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USAn Box Office spying on pets

Image Domestic distributors probably counted on good profits at the beginning of the summer, but their hopes were not destined to come true. Compared to the previous weekend, box office receipts increased by only 8% to RUB 959.6 million, and rental newcomers did not live up to their expectations.

The top five for the weekend (May 30 - June 2) is as follows:

1. "The Secret Life of Pets 2"


Week at the box office: 1
Added: 474.6 million rubles.
Total fees: 737.3 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-)

Copying the success formula of its predecessor and starting the conquest of USA cinemas with previews, the sequel faced a problem in the form of a lack of audience interest. Already last week it became clear that the second part would be significantly inferior to the results of the first, and these fears were confirmed. The Secret Life of Pets in 2016 earned 635 million rubles for the first full weekend. and finished rolling at around 2.14 billion rubles. However, such figures do not shine for continuation. If the sequel continues in the same spirit, it can count on a maximum of 1.5 billion rubles.

2. "Aladdin"


Week at the box office: 2
Added: 236 million rubles.
Total fees: 817.4 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: -1 (-44.3%)

Despite the competition from The Secret Life of Pets 2, Guy Ritchie's film is doing well. It lost only 44% of viewers and in a few days will surpass the results of Sherlock Holmes: A Play of Shadows (907.8 million rubles), which will make it the director's most successful creation at the USA box office. If we talk about Disney game remakes, the day is close when Aladdin will leave behind Beauty and the Beast with its 838.1 million rubles.

3. "Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters"


Week at the box office: 1
Added: 156 million rubles.
Total fees: 156 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-)

The sequel to "Godzilla" and in the United States showed not the best start, but in domestic cinemas, Michael Dougherty's blockbuster was in for a complete failure. "King of the Monsters" did not reach either the indicators of the first part (300.2 million rubles), or to the "Skull Island" (283.7 million rubles), and even the "Rampage" started its destructive march better - from 182.2 RUB million

4. "John Wick 3"


Week at the box office: 3
Added: 23.1 million rubles.
Total fees: 450.6 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-72.5%)

The mini-duel between Pikachu and John Wick, who went head to head this weekend, ended in favor of the hero Keanu Reeves. John Wick 3 will definitely fall short of the results of the last two missions of Ethan Hunt, but he has already outperformed “Jason Bourne”, “Jack Reacher” and two “Great Equalizers”.

5. “Pokemon. Detective Pikachu "


Week at the box office: 3
Added: 23 million rubles.
Total fees: 467.7 million rubles.
Lowered / Up: -2 (-76.1%)

"Detective Pikachu" is content with only fifth place. If the result of "Angry Birds in the Cinema" (785.5 million rubles) was initially unattainable for the yellowish Pokemon, then the victory over "SpongeBob in 3D" (553 million rubles) seemed quite a realistic goal. However, with such a drop in the audience, "Detective Pikachu" is unlikely to reach even 500 million rubles.

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