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We are their prey. Survivors Trailer

Image Most of the world's population died as a result of a large-scale epidemic. Only a few thousand dubious lucky ones survived, desperately trying to find shelter from creepy creatures that go hunting in the dark and drive people into strange traps. No one knows which world these creatures belong to, but people are prey to them. Those who survived the apocalypse have two options: hide and starve to death, or go out in search of food and try to survive.

This is the plot of the new French thriller "The Survivors" by screenwriter and director Mathieu Turi. Judging by the recently released dubbed trailer, the film is aimed at fans of the Mad Max universe and the survival horror subgenre.

The main character is named Juliet. A brave and enterprising girl, who has dreamed of living up to the apocalypse all her life, sets out in search of food in an empty city. On the way back, she loses control and her car rolls over. When she wakes up, Juliet realizes that she is stuck alone in not the most reliable shelter in the middle of the desert. She may have a broken leg. But this is not the worst thing: soon the night will come, and they will come out ...

Brittany Ashworth ("The Curse. Our Days"), Gregory Fetussi ("Cobra Throw") and Javier Botet ("Sad Trumpet Ballad") starred in the project.

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The USA premiere of "The Survivors" is scheduled for July 19.

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