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The Dark Tower has waited for a new Shooter

Image The result of numerous attempts to film Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" was the 2017 film, positioned as a kind of remix of the literary cycle, and not its direct adaptation. The tape of Nikolai Arsel did not impress either critics or even more so the audience, who were skeptical about the project even at the casting stage. Thus, "The Dark Tower" with Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey in the lead roles put an end to the large-scale plans of the producers - before the failure of the film, they were going to shoot a trilogy, supplemented by two TV series.

However, the online service Amazon did not want to leave Roland Desane at a crossroads and, together with the studio MRC, began working on its own version of The Dark Tower. Instead of filling the gaps in the plot of the film series, the planned show will start everything from scratch, and the first step towards this goal was to find other actors for the roles of the Shooter and the Man in Black.

So, in the pilot episode of The Dark Tower, Roland Desceine will be played by Sam Strike, known for the dramas Flying Through the Night and Mindhunter and the horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface. The Amazon series tells how Roland became a Gunslinger and got hold of revolvers, his first love, his first mission as a Gunslinger and his first conflict with the Man in Black. The role of the latter went to Finn Jasper Pyakkonen (Vikings, The Black Klansman).


It is reported that the new "Dark Tower" is in no way associated with the 2017 feature film and will follow the letter of the original, unlike the picture of Arcel. Responsible for adaptation is screenwriter and producer Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead).

Source: Deadline

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