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Kevin Hart to play Monopoly

Image A film based on the board game Monopoly has been in development for over a decade, and was once directed by Ridley Scott himself. However, until now, no one has offered the producers an idea worthy of implementation. According to the portal Deadline, now director Tim Storey and actor Kevin Hart will try their luck. They are in talks with Lionsgate studio, and if everything goes well, Storey will lead the filming of the tape, and Hart will play the main role in it.

It is unclear how Lionsgate plans to adapt Monopoly for large screens. Ridley Scott wanted to create a film about human greed based on the game, but his idea did not find support from the producers. Later, the idea of a picture similar to "Goonies" appeared. And finally, the protagonist of the latest scenario was a young guy from one of the streets in the game, who goes in search of wealth.

The collaboration between Hart and Storey has been very fruitful. Ride Together and its sequel earned $ 280 million for the two, and Hart's concerts, directed by Storey, were a success. Therefore, Lionsgate's desire to involve this couple in work on Monopoly is understandable.


Kevin Hart can now be seen in the comedy drama 1 + 1: A Hollywood Story, and a sequel to Jumanji will also be released at the end of the year. Storey, in turn, is rebooting Shaft, which is slated to premiere in June.

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Author: Jake Pinkman