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Oscars 2020 will surprise you

Image The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has begun preparations for the 92nd Academy Awards. The annual meeting of the Academy's Board of Governors ended in Los Angeles, at which very interesting amendments to the selection rules for the main film awards in the world were adopted.

To begin with, the academics put an end to the debate about whether online services films should be allowed into the Oscar race. Recall that many in the entertainment industry believe that streaming platform pictures are intended primarily for viewing on TV and mobile devices. From this point of view, movies from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other streaming services should not be competing for an Oscar, but for a TV Emmy.

Conversations on this topic only intensified when Alfonso Cuaron's drama Roma won the Netflix media giant three Oscars. The Americans have decided not yet to adopt the experience of the organizers of the Cannes Film Festival, who have tightened the rules for qualifying films for online services. The Academy's Board of Governors voted to maintain the current level of requirements for the Oscar race. To qualify for the "Oscar - 2020", the pictures of streaming giants will only need to spend a week on the screens of some Los Angeles cinema. Compliance with this rule will surely become an empty formality when Netflix and the company begin to open their own cinemas.


The main surprise of the Congress of the leaders of the Academy was the renaming of the category "Best Foreign Language Film". The leaders of the organization decided that in the modern world the word "foreign" began to carry an unnecessarily negative connotation, it is not for nothing that it can be translated as "foreign" and as "alien". In this regard, one of the most prestigious Oscar nominations received a new name - Best International Feature Film. In addition, from now on, there will be not nine, but ten foreign films in the short list of this category.

Another notable innovation of the Oscar 2020 will be the long-awaited expansion of the number of finalists in the Best Makeup and Hairstyles nomination. Recently, only three paintings with outstanding work by make-up artists and makeup artists have been included in the final lists of applicants for the Academy Prize. Already next year their number will finally increase to five.


The directors of the film organization also made life much easier for the creators of films with short timing. Previously, creators of fiction and animation short films had to show their work simultaneously in New York and Los Angeles. Now it will be enough for them to organize a film distribution in one of these cities.

The 92nd Academy Awards will be held on February 9 next year.

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