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Soyuzmultfilm heroes are ready to storm cinemas

Image The Soyuzmultfilm management has already announced the return of the parrot Kesha and Matroskin with Sharik. Now the studio plans to send the familiar Snow Queen, the Humpbacked Horse, twelve months and Tsar Saltan to the big screens, thus giving them a second life.

This year we have developed and started to implement a program for the restoration of our gold collection. The studio's library contains 1,500 titles of tapes filmed over 80 years of the company's history, ”said Boris Mashkovtsev, director of Soyuzmultfilm.

From the entire impressive collection, about 30 full-length films will fall under the update program. As the chairman of the board of Soyuzmultfilm Yuliana Slashcheva assured, it is planned to restore about five tapes a year, and the budget of each will exceed 1.5 million rubles.


The largest cartoon company in our country appeared on June 10, 1936. The studio's first full-length project was The Little Humpbacked Horse, which came out eleven years later. Ten more years later, The Snow Queen by Lev Atamanov saw the light of day, which won several awards, including the prize for a full-length cartoon at the XI Cannes Film Festival in 1958.

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Author: Jake Pinkman