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Netflix will build a superhero cinematic universe

Image Over the past few years, the online service Netflix has not only become the world leader in the production of series, but also began to seriously compete with Hollywood studios. As it became known to The Hollywood Reporter, the management of the streaming giant decided to strike another blow at the Dream Factory, announcing the start of construction of its own superhero MCU.

Netflix bosses have acquired the rights to create a series of films based on the so-called "Extreme Universe" from popular comic book author Rob Leifeld. Leifeld's name is well known to fans of graphic novels. He has contributed to the creation of many popular comic book characters from Marvel and DC Comics, including the chatty mercenary Deadpool. In the early 90s, Rob decided to found his own company and came up with the "Universe of Extreme", which by now is inhabited by more than a hundred colorful superheroes.

The first attempt to film a series of Lifeld's comics was made early last year, when the rights to the project were acquired by eminent Hollywood producer Graham King and the Chinese company Fundamental Films. At the same time it became known that the position of the head of the MCU authoring group was offered to the Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman ("Games of the Mind", "Star Trek: Discovery").


For unnamed reasons, Fundamental Films and King abandoned the ambitious film project, after which Leifeld decided to find a new buyer for it. Extreme Universe sparked a lot of interest in Hollywood, but Netflix managed to get ahead successfully. According to insiders, the bosses of the streaming giant will not abandon Goldsman's work. Akiva is expected to serve as producer and curator for the franchise.

Netflix already has experience in filming comics: at the moment, the online service continues to build its successful television universe about the superhero team "Defenders".

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Author: Jake Pinkman